Nikmanesh Kermanshahi Ghee

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Nikmanesh Ghee

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In The Production Of Ghee In Iran

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Nikmanesh Kermanshahi GheeNikmanesh Kermanshahi Ghee
روغن کرمانشاهی نیک منشNikmanesh Kermanshahi Ghee

Nikmanesh Ghee

Types of Sheep, Cow & Mixed

About Nikmanesh

The Oldest
Manufacturer Ghee

When you choose Nikmanesh® Animal Oil, you are choosing a product steeped in the tradition and expertise of our founder, Nikmanesh. His uncompromising standards and passion for food inspired him to craft Animal oil with exquisite flavor – made from only the finest ingredients. For nearly 70 years, the superior quality of Nikmanesh Animal Oil has inspired food lovers like you to create delicious meals for family and friends.

Due to the existence of different livestock in Kermanshah province, we collect pure milk from healthy and healthy animals. We then deliver the best animal oil to your health packages by processing high-fat milk in a mix of technology and tradition. All Nickmanesh food products are made purely organic and pure.

Our company started its activities in the field of production and packaging of Kermanshahi Ghee with family name Nickmanesh®. According to the consumption history of Kermanshahi oil in Iran, Nickmanesh Company is known as the first unit of hygienic production and packaging of animal oil in Iran. The unique quality of our food products over the past seventy years has been due to the strict standards of good manners in choosing healthy and organic ingredients. The world is constantly changing, but authenticity in taste and adherence to traditions are two principles that are always unchanging in the basket of good manners.

Nikmanesh Brand Values


 Thanks to the aforesaid useful fatty acids, animal oil has been introduced as oil with medicinal properties from the old times.


Nikmanesh is truly The First and Last Name in Animal Oil and Persian Saffron.


 Our product are completely organic and that no semi-organic or synthetic additive is added.


Nikmanesh animal oil has been made of pure fat, which exists in the milk of farm animals especially cow, sheep and goat which is purified and packaged, adding no chemical.


 Nikmanesh Pure Natural Kermanshahi Ghee are offered to customers in new packages of 10 grams, 450 grams, 900 grams, 3 kg for public consumption and in 17 kg package to be used at restaurants, hotels, caterings, and traditional confectioneries.

Nikmanesh® is truly The First and Last Name in Animal Oil (Ghee).