Many countries and regions, including India, Persia, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean, make halva, but historians believe its origins are to be found in the middle East. The name halva derives from the Arabic word “halawe”, meaning “confection”.
the first halva is believed to have been made from dates and milk in the seventh century, but later came to refer to toasted flour mixed with honey or date syrop.

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Pumpkin & Condensed Milk Halwa (Kaddu Halwa)

Pumpkin & Condensed Milk Halwa

an easy and quick Halwa made from only 2 main ingredients Pumpkin Puree and Sweetened Condensed Milk. This sweet tastes more similar to Milk Peda / Palgova as we have used condensed milk. It can be prepared in less than 20 mins and best enjoyed when served cold or at room temp.

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