Nikmanesh Kermanshahi Ghee

A Taste Of The Old Country

Nikmanesh Ghee

The First Holder Of The Standard Badge

In The Production Of Ghee In Iran

The Real Taste Of Iranian Food

With Nikmanesh Ghee

Nikmanesh Kermanshahi GheeNikmanesh Kermanshahi Ghee
روغن کرمانشاهی نیک منشNikmanesh Kermanshahi Ghee

Nikmanesh Ghee

Types of Sheep, Cow & Mixed

Pure Natural Ghee

Nikmanesh® Ghee oil has been made of pure fat, which exists in the milk of farm animals especially cow, sheep and goat, which is purified and packaged, adding no chemical. Since Nikmanesh Ghee is completely organic and that no semi-organic or synthetic additive is added to the said oil, it is classified among organic products.

Choose from any of our Animal oil varieties, each carefully crafted to inspire your next meal. Nikmanesh® Ghee is the essential ingredient to any recipe.

روغن حیوانی گوسفندی نیک منش

Special Natural Ghee

Made from fat in pure sheep’s milk, in 450 & 900 gram packages
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Nikmanesh Exclusive Natural Ghee

Exclusive Natural Ghee

Made from fat in cow’s and sheep’s milk, in 2, 450 & 900 gram packages
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Nikmanesh Cow's Ghee

Pure Natural Ghee

Made from fat in pure cow’s milk, in 450 & 900 gram packages
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The Oldest
Manufacturer Ghee

When you choose Nikmanesh® Animal Oil, you are choosing a product steeped in the tradition and expertise of our founder, Nikmanesh. His uncompromising standards and passion for food inspired him to craft Animal oil with exquisite flavor – made from only the finest ingredients. For nearly 70 years, the superior quality of Nikmanesh Animal Oil has inspired food lovers like you to create delicious meals for family and friends.

Due to the existence of different livestock in Kermanshah province, we collect pure milk from healthy and healthy animals. We then deliver the best animal oil to your health packages by processing high-fat milk in a mix of technology and tradition. All Nickmanesh food products are made purely organic and pure. Know more …

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